Safety Tips for your travel

Holiday Travel Safety Tips after Covid19 to Diu

Safety Tips for your travel

The Corona Virus has altered global perceptions about safety. While we anxiously await the restoration of “normal life,” we must consider how things may alter in the future. Cleanliness and security will become synonymous, making travel more difficult. However, we won’t allow the virus to stop us from living, therefore we have some Travel Safety Tips.

Make sure your hands are clean.

It should come as no surprise that you should clean your hands often. We touch so many things that are full of germs every day. Washing your hands often reduces the risk of spreading germs and getting sick.

Keep yourself hydrated.

There are more germs and infections that can be killed by a well-fed body. You won’t be immune to the coronavirus if you stay hydrated, but it will help your body fight it off. You can fight off the virus better if you drink water.

Bring plenty of hand sanitizer

You should always wash your hands, but hand sanitizer is great if you’re in a pinch or on the road. You should always keep hand sanitizer with you when you’re travelling, because it’s great for beach days and places where you can’t wash your hands.

Stay at sanitized hotels

Only reputable hotels that take cleanliness seriously should be chosen for safe vacation. Hotels that follow post-COVID-19 health measures assure your safety. Dream Vision Guest House Diu makes sure that rooms are sanitized after every check-out.

Payment without touch

With the help of contactless payment technology, hotel guests may pay for services in a safe and hygienic way without having to physically interact with payment processing machines. At Dream Vision Guest House Diu, customers can make payments by scanning our QR code by using their bank mobile app, wallets like GPay, Paytm, Phonepe.  QR code is sent to customers via WhatsApp which can be scanned to make payments hence contactless payment.

Choose less crowded places

Most of the beaches in Diu are less crowded compare to beaches in Goa hence less exposure. Due of Diu’s extremely low population, you won’t need to fear if you visit popular tourist destinations like a fort.

Get Vaccinated

Get vaccinated fully as soon as possible so that you avoid risk. Make sure you also get booster dose to keep minimum risk. However, precautions must be taken all times. At Dream Vision Guest House Diu, all staff members are fully vaccinated.

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