Best Places to Visit in Diu

Top Places to Visit in Diu in 2022 – Sightseeing

We are exploring the Best Places to Visit in Diu. The city of Diu, which sits among the frothy blue waters of the Arabian Sea, used to be a vital station on the historic trade route that ran through the region. There are several beaches, monuments, and memorials to explore in Diu, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Diu is now the ninth least populous town in India, thus it comes as no surprise that this little city has a slew of tourist attractions to discover and visit during your stay. Aside from its historical sites and tourist attractions, the city of Diu has an extraordinarily rich cultural past to discover, which is a consequence of the intermixing of Indian, Portuguese, and English cultures throughout the centuries. Furthermore, Diu is endowed with spectacular seaside beauty, which draws people from all over the globe to the region. The best time to visit Diu is between August and February. Dream Vision Guest House provide the best room service during your visit in DIU

Best places to Visit in Diu

  1. Naida Caves – Explore the Rock Formations

Naida Caves are the most fascinating rock formations in Diu. It is believed that these caves existed naturally earlier, but when the Portuguese took over the region, they used the orange-brown stone from them to make the majestic Diu Fort, leaving behind an interesting structure. These caves are a maze-like formation that is a delight to explore. Situated outside the Diu fort, the caves are decked with a complex network of tunnels and huge step-like structures that make for an interesting climb. The caves are the perfect place for photographers as the sunlight streams through various cracks of the rocks hence make it more photogenic.

  1. Diu Fort

Fort Diu is located on the western coast of the country, lies at the mouth of Gulf of Khambhat. The fort was built by the Portuguese in 1535AD. Inside the fort contains the cannons which were employed for the defence of the fort by Portuguese. Entry to the fort is free and there is ample of parking outside the fort. Fort is easily accessible and is in the city centre of Diu.

  1. Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach is one of Diu’s most popular tourist destinations, with gorgeous stretches of beach bordered by trees and the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. Nagoa Beach is Diu is greatest beach and has the unique Hoka Trees, one of Diu’s most remarkable attractions. Diu offers exhilarating camel and pony rides as well as adventure sports. A beautiful beach with beautiful sunsets, tranquil places and beach shack eateries for your hunger. The clean water of Nagoa Beach is perfect for swimming. Nagoa Beach is readily accessible by public or private transport. You can rent a bike, take private or share an auto-rickshaw to get to Nagoa Beach.


  1. Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is a popular tourist destination in Diu. The Pandavas are said to have erected a shrine dedicated to River Ganga. The temple has five SHIV LINGAS. Occasionally, high tide completely obscures them. The temple is near Fudam Village, 3 kilometres from Diu. It is a picturesque spot with great religious and historical significance. Arrive at Diu Airport, 5 kilometres away. You may easily reach the temple by public or private transport.

  1. Ghoghla Beach

Ghoghla Beach is a popular tourist and local destination in Diu. Ghoghla Beach has breathtaking coastline scenery and is ideal for soul-searching due to its lack of crowds. You may relax in the warm sun and let the breezes carry away your concerns. This beach is clean, contains restaurants and water activities. Ghoghla Beach is ideal for swimming and has been awarded Blue Flag Award so

 must visit place in Diu.


  1. St Paul Church
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St Paul Church

St Paul Church holds both religious and historical importance. The church was built by Portuguese and the architecture is more Gothic. St Paul Church is very magnificent and the front facade of the church can straight away hold one’s attention. Inside of the church has three altars, which is made from Blackwood worked by great craftsman. The Blackwood was bought to Diu by Portuguese from its African colonies. The foundation stone of the church was laid on April 7, 1601, and the construction was completed in 1610.


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